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encaustic painting materials

Encaustic painting materials

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The encaustic paint is a painting that is very easy to manufacture one self since it does not need any additives for its conservation. - To make the binder (medium) for encaustic painting you only need 2 materials: beeswax and damar resin. If you want to colour it, you need powder pigments.

It does not need to be varnished, it does not need dryers or modifiers, it does not require any type of additive since it is preserved eternally in solid form and needs nothing but heat to become fluid.

To paint with hot wax it is necessary to use some container to melt the mixes, the artists usually use electrical plates type "Tepanyaki" or containers water bath type.

Encaustic painting is known from Roman times in Egypt, the portraits of Al-fayum date back to this time. Later it was used in Rome and in Pompeii in the frescoes murals, but it was not until the American painter Jasper Johns painted its famous flags when this technique entered the museums.

Today encaustic painting is used by many artists who seek the power of the oil color but without having to wait for it to dry, as the encaustic paint dries immediately.