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Schmincke gouache binder Ready-to-use

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Schmincke binders Ready-to-use are very easy to use

Just mix with the pigments with a palette knife. 2:1 ratio pigment to binder should be respected. Mixed with high quality pigments bright colors are obtained. Like always, the secret is to use quality raw materials. Because it is so easy you do not need to produce large quantities, they are made as needed.

  • Soluble in water
  • Shake before use, close container immediately after use
  • Do not freeze
  • Clean tools with water/soap immediately after use
  • Individual preliminary tests are recommended
  • Use with adequate ventilation.

For the final paint mixture, first make a paste of the extender and pigment with water, then add the binder. You can use it as a thick paste or slowly mix it with cold boiled water to adjust consistency.

As wetting agent for some dry pigments you may use a few drops of diluted alcohol or Ox gall (Ref: 902)


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