Calcite white fine pigment

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Natural, extremely fine calcium carbonate in powder form

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It is often combined with modern synthetic pigments to reduce tinting strength as pigment extender for opaque painting techniques like gouache and casein temperas and emulsions.

  • Low tinting strength
  • Opaque in water media, but nearly transparent in oil or wax
  • Stable to moderate temperatures (<100 ° C)
  • Low toxicity (*)

Physical properties: Single-pigment, Natural calcium carbonate (CaCO3) , Colour Index PW 18.77220, refractive index of 1.63, 1 μm average particle size, bulk density 480 kg / m3,

(*) All dry, powder-form pigments represent a hazard in that they can be classed as nuisance dusts. It is imperative when handling dry pigments that the user wears appropriate protection. An indication is given of the relative health hazard of each pigment. 

Do not inhale pigments / keep out of reach of children / read the Material Safety Data Sheet.