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Phthalocyanine blue pigment

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Synthetic organic Phthalo blue pigment, it is a transparent neutral blue-cyan (not yellow not red) intense deep blue

  • Extremely powerful tinting strength!
  • Calcite White fine can be used as extender (Ref: 012)
  • Stable to light  
  • Stable to moderate temperatures (<100 ° C)
  • Stable in all media
  • Mix outstandingly well with all pigments
  • Jewel-like transparency
  • Excellent migration performance – no bleeding
  • For water dispersions wetting agent is required
  • Low toxicity (*)

This colour is so intense that needs been very careful in the mixes. It has a wide mixing range, Creates excellent mixes with Quinacridone reds  to make stunning deep dark blues and violets, will mix will with yellows also to make bright greens. Mixed with white it's an opaque, beautiful sky blue. When thinned, can be used for glazing with great effect.

If you are looking for a primary blue, will work fine along with our primary red and yellow. It is a great starting colour if you are building a single-pigment palette.

Physical properties: Single-pigment, organic synthetic Copper Phthalocyanine C32H16N8Cu, refractive index 1,38-2,2 , Colour Index PB 15:1,.

Phthalo Blues used with mineral pigments light yellow (Ref: 020) or red earths (Ref: 040) will give you bright green and violets subtle hues.

Warm blue first made for printmaking ink (cyan) to replace Prussian Blue in the 1920's due to its low stability. This pigment was created 1938 as substitute for the Prussian blue.  In comercial colors normally comes mixed with considerable amount of transparent fillers, which make the color turn yellow.

(*) All dry, powder-form pigments represent a hazard in that they can be classed as nuisance dusts. It is imperative when handling dry pigments that the user wears appropriate protection. An indication is given of the relative health hazard of each pigment. 

Do not inhale pigments / keep out of reach of children / read the Material Safety Data Sheet.


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