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Kit to make your peerless encaustic medium  ratio 1:5

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All you need to make 1000 g peerless encaustic medium ratio 1:5 

  • Double boiler pot, stainless steel, 14 cm diameter. 1,5 l, Straight shaped with lid. This pot heats slowly the wax keeping the wax at constant temperature. The double wall system avoids overarming risk
  • 1 x Encaustic Medium BASIC KIT  800 g

650 g 100% pure beeswax  (white) in pellets

150 g Damar Resin best quality in big crystals

2 large wooden stirrers

1 x Filter paper sheet 520 x 300 (Japan import)

Instructions for use in English

This pot gently heats the wax avoiding overheating. The dual wall keeps the wax work temperature constant. The pot can be put on a coiler or directly on the same palette used for mixtures. Suitable for inducción. This pan is also suitable to prepare  gesso. No matter how long your wax is  warm, wax does not change color! The pot has a signal valve . Diameter 14 cm. Height 14 cms


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