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Diketo-Pyrrolo red pigment

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Synthetic organic pigment that replaces cadmium reds. It is a brilliant warm mid-range red.

  • red High tinting strength
  • Very stable to light
  • Stable to moderate temperatures
  • Stable in all media
  • Mixes well with all pigments
  • Opaque
  • Low toxicity (*)

Physical properties: Single-pigment, Diketo-Pyrrolo-Pyrol DPP C18H10C12N2O2, Colour Index PR 254, density 1584 kg / m3

The color of the racing cars, also called racing-red or Ferrari red.

(*) All dry, powder-form pigments represent a hazard in that they can be classed as nuisance dusts. It is imperative when handling dry pigments that the user wears appropriate protection. An indication is given of the relative health hazard of each pigment.

Do not inhale pigments / keep out of reach of children / read the Material Safety Data Sheet.

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