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Iron oxide red earth pigment

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Natural earth Inorganic pigment, a mix of clay and silica, tinted by iron oxides and naturally calcined.

  • Moderate tinting strength
  • Very stable to light  
  • Stable to moderate temperatures (<100 ° C)
  • Stable in all media
  • Mix well with all pigments
  • Semi-transparent
  • Can be difficult to disperse into acrylic binders
  • May show variation in color from batch to batch
  • Low toxicity (*)

Very subtle in shade mixes extraordinary well with modern pigments and create beautiful transparent glazes in low concentrations. More transparent than the synthetic iron oxides.

Physical properties: Natural red earth (SiO2 + Al2O3 + Fe2O3), Color Index PR 10243 - 77491, Average particle size <70 μm, Density 594 Kg/m3.

More than 15.000 years ago our ancestors began to use colors to decorate the cave walls. These were earth pigments, yellow and red ochre white chalk and carbon black obtained by charring twigs (Refs: 011, 020, 040, 090). Ochres are still today part of a basic painter’s palette.

This pigment comes from Roussillon where this pigment is mined since roman times.

(*) All dry, powder-form pigments represent a hazard in that they can be classed as nuisance dusts. It is imperative when handling dry pigments that the user wears appropriate protection. An indication is given of the relative health hazard of each pigment. 

Do not inhale pigments / keep out of reach of children / read the Material Safety Data Sheet.

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