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Mica metal oxide gold coloured pigment

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FirmaMerck Performance Materials

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Special effect pigment with mica coated with metal oxides

  • Very stable to light  
  • Stable to moderate temperatures (<100 ° C)
  • Compatible all media
  • Mix well with all pigments
  • Translucent
  • Individual preliminary tests are recommended
  • Low toxicity (*)

Mixtures with translucent pigments achieve a whole endless new range of iridescent hues. Any transparent pigment can be added to obtain new effects. (Ref: 060, 070)

Apply in thin layers to increase interference effects. Use the complementary color for the base is a good idea.

If you mix it with 1% carbon black you will boost the iridescent effect

Physical properties: special-pigment, Mica SiO2, Colour Index 77019, refractive index of 2.73, 10-60 μm, average particle size, density 300 kg / m3,

is a type of natural quartz, which occurs in the form of compressed thin sheets or plates that divide easily. 

(*) All dry, powder-form pigments represent a hazard in that they can be inhaled. It is imperative when handling dry pigments that the user wears appropriate protection. An indication is given of the relative health hazard of each pigment based on the present state of knowledge.

Do not inhale pigments / keep out of reach of children / read the Material Safety Data Sheet.

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