STAYHOT warm tray



Huge electric warm tray with ceramic glass and temperature fine regulation.

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This warm tray allow you to have all your colours ready to use at the right temperature with no risk of overheating. Temperature selection in 12 levels between 40ºC and 105ºC

It is also used for encaustic printing, melting the wax colours directly on the glass and slightly pressing with absorbent paper.

  • Size 72x42x4 cm You can work on DIN A3 on the tray and still have room for warming your medium or colors.  
  • In level 8-9 you can easily melt the wax
  • In 5-6 you can keep it warm
  • Use with light metallic containers with flat bottom. 
  • Reaches desired temperature in 10-15 minutes
  • 220-240 v, 400 W y european plug 
  • Made in Germany

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